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AKAL ASPIRASI Sdn Bhd is a IT solutions-based, branding and communications entity built on a set of beliefs that form the basis of accountable, logical. sustainable and process-driven branding. These beliefs are the driving force behind each and every branding activity, and form the basis of all our branding communications solutions.

While engagement and experience are critical to building brands, they are finite in nature. When an experience is ongoing, it becomes a relationship. In today’s digital world, Brands are shaped as much by their customers as they are by themselves. A continual relationship with your customer is the foundation of your Brand, and your Brand is your business. AKAL helps you dig deeper to learn who your customers are and how your Brand is relevant in their lives. By opening a dialogue between you and your customer, we create value for both sides and in turn, create a Brand Relationship.


Our approach looks beyond immediate business needs to frame your project as an ongoing extension of your Brand’s core promise. Work that is framed solely by business objectives can sometimes do harm to your brand in the long run. If your goal is simply defined as growing sales or generating leads, there are many ways to accomplish these short-term goals that can dilute your brand message or decrease trust in your brand. Just meeting a business goal is not enough. By ensuring that your work is done in a way that is more than just “on brand”, but also aligned with delivering your brand’s promise, we create continued business success that also builds lasting brand value.


We are built to offer you solutions that are in your best interest, not ours. Where most agencies tailor your solution to meet their overhead needs, our scale-able model allows us the flexibility to build the exact team your project needs. Our core project teams are experts and we work with a combination of specialized consultants and partners to build a team to match the type of expertise and amount of resources required to best suit you.

Teamwork makes the dream work

At AKAL ASPIRASI SDN BHD, we eliminate the conventional management hierarchy for the infinite development of brilliant ideas.

“Work individually, excel together!” – This is our definition of teamwork.

Brainstorming is the most common exercise of the company; we do it over and over again constantly and have never got jaded with that as it always generates free-flowing creative ideas and constructive solutions.


Our clients come to us with problems. We love that. Hand us your business challenges, branding dilemmas, and technical mysteries – nothing energizes us more than solving them.


Ideas are great, but it takes technical acumen to put them to work. We develop applications that power profitable websites. HTML, CSS, JavaScript – we provide the nuts and bolts that hold our projects together.


We create. It’s more than what we do – it’s who we are. We produce ideas that save our clients money, win them new customers, and enhance their brand image.


We’re not new at this. We’ve created corporate branding and websites for dozens of happy clients. Our clients love us Notice how we call them “happy customers”? We commit ourselves to our clients’ satisfaction. We’re not happy until they are.

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